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Exes 04:44
Everything we do and everything we try, I want to hold the open door and you’re the reason why Everywhere we go and every song we love Seem to be the same to me, but not because of us I pictured fame and fortune You dreamed of modern dance The time we spend together has not to do with chance A dozen dusty glasses, but there was just the one With fingerprints around it from some old dusty song I pour a glance across you and now I’ll take a sip A drink of fame and fortune, a dance across your lips This old, dusty song has travelled far and wide We change the words around, dear, but this tune won’t be denied So cross that destination with exes and a line, That same old destination was with you all the time
Seashine 04:05
The moment you meet the starting line You’re already following far behind She draws it in red, then I draw mine We’ll run this marathon, honey, in half the time With all you need and all that you do It wasn’t working, but I’ll do it for you I can’t pretend that I don’t mind… So come on, man Let’s talk about you She didn’t do it all, you did some too You played a good game You ran a fast mile, but that kind of bullsh*t is good for a while You think you’re alone You think on your feet Well, that kind of thinking is dead in the street i can’t pretend that I don’t mind that the sea doesn’t shine I can’t pretend that I don’t mind that the sea doesn’t shine We both have problems that would take a pro to solve And just think, that when I leave, I’m the one that caused them all I can’t pretend that I don’t mind that the sea doesn’t shine.
Tiny Cloud 05:51
I misplaced my destiny and set it free by accident Such a tiny cloud, but casts so profound Its shadow moves so delicate above the ground It slows to shade my every way so vehemently Come along, my tiny cloud, and shade the ground Glorious and beautiful, ever so dutiful Oh, my tiny cloud from heaven down, shade the ground It slows to shade my every way so vehemently Come along, my tiny cloud, and shade the ground Block the sun and hide my doubt that the moon will never come out.
You Peopl 04:39
Everything is golden And the colors are 3-D How others will behold them, “You people” are we What beckons our behavior Your second thoughts will no longer redeem What skin has bought on tax and labor Will cost us all as we bleed We “heathens,” not belonging, Won’t you listen to our captive people’s plea? Our fight may not redeem us “You people,” are we Show people you know what it means to feel loved (If) you know what it feels like, tell me what it feels like Explain what it feels like


STL’s newest experimental band YOUPEOPL releases its debut EP ‘...are we’ with St. Louis-based art and music collective, FarFetched. The band, led by Chan Maurice Evans and Brandon Mason - two black STL based rock musicians, has a unique twist that mixes their rock, post-punk and noise-rock backgrounds with more ethereal textures, trading grind and grit for waves and cascades.

In a time when most people associate ambient rock music with bearded, skinny white men, usually with trendy haircuts and corduroy pants -- YOUPEOPL wants us to remember that the roots of rock and roll music started right here in St. Louis with black music icons like Chuck Berry, one of the pioneers of rock guitar. Others like Ike and Tina Turner popularized the style of soul music with emphasis on amplified guitars and powerfully sung vocals, whether loud or soft. Artists like D’Angelo have continued the tradition in addition to white counterparts such as Radiohead and Craig Wedren. These ambient, wistful elements of the musical landscape are included in the many influences that shape YOUPEOPL’s sound.

From the first wash of echo and reverb to each eerie guitar riff, any listener can tell they’re in for something that may be sonically stirring yet tranquilizing simultaneously. The lead single, Seashine, as well as much of the album, is a commentary on how the same disposition of their music applies to members of the band in their experiences with racial division and prejudice. Band members include: Chan Maurice Evans (vocals/guitar), Brandon Mason (production/synths/backup vox), Syrhea Conoway (bass/backup vox), Philip Zahnd (drums/trumpet) and Brandon Patton (guitar).


released October 25, 2018

Mixed/Mastered by Tazu Marshall
**additional production by Tazu Marshall
--all songs performed by Chan Maurice Evans (guitar, drums, bass, vocals, synths, drum programming)
--additional synths, drum programming by Brandon Mason
--additional guitars on Seashine performed by Brandon Patton
--additional synths, drum programming by Brandon Mason (bass and additional guitar on YOUPEOPL)


all rights reserved



YOUPEOPL St. Louis, Missouri

For those that prefer Grizzly Bear, Elbow, Jeff Buckley, D'Angelo & the Vanguard, Craig Wedren/Shudder to Think, social justice, equality among the PEOPL, no matter what race, color, religion, i.d.. We are a black-owned and operated cooperative.

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